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Truck Accessories Better Left to the Professionals

When you buy a truck, it's not just a vehicle. It's a tool, a ride, and, to be honest, an extension of your personality! That is why truck accessories are so popular. How else can you customize it to be exactly what you want and need your truck to be?

Choosing which accessories you want on your truck can be a lot of fun, and there are many styles out there. You want your truck to look its absolute best too, so which accessories are better suited for professional installation?

1. Spray-on Bedliner
You can buy a do-it-yourself kit from Amazon and "save" hundreds of dollars in installation, but the results will probably be less-than-stellar and you might end up ruining your truck bed at the same time. Finding a reputable company that does spray-on bedliners is your better bet. Many times they have warranties guaranteeing their work and the bedliner.

2. Running Boards
Running boards, like a spray-on bedliner, can be cosmetic and utilitarian. For the vertically-challenged, being able to have a step up can be very helpful, but you need to be aware of where the running board is attached to your truck. If it is attached to the body, it will not be as sturdy and won't be able handle much weight. One attached to the frame will be much more secure, and if you want one of the powered retractable running boards, it's not really a job for the weekend warrior. Again, attaching running boards to the frame of your truck is something best left to a professional.

3. Tonneau Cover
This is probably the most diverse accessory as far as choices, types, and styles. They come in hard, soft, mechanized, foldable, etc. These are not difficult to install on a truck for a do-it-yourselfer, unless you want to put in an electrified model. That's when you should find a professional.

4. Tow Hitch
Here's one where it's probably the easiest for a professional to do and also the most important. If you want to tow anything with your truck, you definitely don't want a questionable hitch connecting you to your load. This is a huge matter of safety for anyone driving around you, so just be safe and let the professionals do this one.

5. Truck Bed Lights
Working with wiring can get sketchy for the novice. Most new trucks do not come with truck bed lights, but sometimes they are an option from the manufacturer. Most DIYers don't have the tools or the know-how to install lighting, so if you want to have after-market truck bed lights installed, bring it to an expert.

When you are looking for those experts who can install any accessory on your truck, Classy Chassis is the place to go for Ashland, Mansfield and all of Northeastern Ohio! We have a wide selection of truck accessories, so you can find the right fit for your truck!


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